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The Future Rainbow Springs Country Club Community Center
Whether you are for or against the proposed country club refurbishing, everyone can certainly agree it has stirred up some emotions in this nostalgic nature hub. As the local real estate center, we can honestly say that the main grievance we have heard from our clients that are looking to sell and move elsewhere is “there aren’t enough activities around here.” Sure we live in Mother Nature’s playground, but there is also a niche that needs to be filled that only a community center can do. To round out the top objections to we hear are “What is that monstrosity of weeds across the street?” and “what do you mean my property has lost that much value, we paid x and it is only worth x?? II How can that be?” Mr. Jim Gissy has proposed a plan to ease all of this discontentment and offer us a Once in A Lifetime Opportunity to flourish once again! If voted in, his plan would swiftly take action starting in July of 2018 and include Refurbishing the Old Rainbow Springs Country Club, Pool, Converting the Tennis Courts to Pickle Ball Courts, and RV! Boat Storage I The Community Center would house the POA and once again host Classes including but not limited to line dancing, art, yoga, and ceramics, Social & Community Events, Parties, Meetings, Games, and so much more. If you aren’t interested in social activities and getting to know your neighbors, then the sheer fact that the most important investment you’ve made, your home, will see a 3-5% increase in value. Comparing Rainbow Springs Home Values to those in other like neighborhoods, we have had a net loss of home value from 4-9%1 Wouldn’t it be great to get some of that back? There will always be a multitude of opinions on matters like these, but if you would like to see the work of Mr. Jim Gissy, please stop by our office on the hill! He is our landlord. Everyone that walks into our front door, is awe inspired by the quality and beauty that we have the privilege of working in everyday, thanks to Mr. Gissy. We can attest to his word and honor as a business man and pillar of our community. We respect your decision and your vote, but ask you to consider all sides! If you have any questions prior to voting, please contact our sales office at 352-489-6595 and we would be happy to answer all your questions! Remember, we don’t just sell here, we LIVE here!
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Posted on 08 Jun 2018 by rainbowsprings

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